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Are you new to forex trading and want to get a head start? Or, maybe you have been trading for a while but have never made a profit? If so, then our forex account management and forex signals service could be exactly what you need to fast-track your success. The truth is that forex trading is hard, it requires years of experience and every trade requires a detailed analysis of technical and fundamental factors. This is why only a handful of traders ever achieve their goals. But don't worry, Forex Prodigies was started to help traders like you.

Meet your Forex mentor

Garry Surkov – Lead Trader

Over 10 years Forex trading experience.

Garry is the lead trader behind Forex Prodigies. He worked for one of the leading financial services institutions in London and has over 10 years of experience as a skilled Forex trader and mentor. He now wants to bring his expertise to a wider audience and help home traders make a success of Forex trading. This is a unique opportunity to learn from an seasoned trader and follow the trades taken on Garry’s own trading account.

  • Highly proficient

    Garry is highly proficient in fundamental and technical analysis and uses his sound judgement to identify key trading opportunities. He believes that a deep understanding of market forces is critical to successful Forex trading. By joining Garry’s Forex signal service you will be given the opportunity to tap into that knowledge and learn from his vast experience.

  • A trend trader

    Primarily a trend trader, Garry likes to focus on maximising returns from flowing price movement and considers it essential to focus on high probability opportunities. Garry’s key strength is his ability to interpret price movements and discern what is really happening behind the scenes. The aim is then to successfully translate this information into winning trades. Garry is committed to providing the best Forex signals and helping you achieve your Forex trading goals. Become a member of Forex Prodigies and take your trading to the next level.

2 -7 trades per day


3000 pips - monthly target


10+ years experience


15 currency pairs



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What we pride ourselves in

Capital management

With a simple subscription model, we can manage your forex investment helping you grow your portfolio over time. We use highly efficient strategies and trading robots to realise high returns on investment. Click here to get started earning.

Trusted Forex Signals

Accurate Forex signals. Trades have been independently monitored and tracked by MyFXBook. Trial signals available in our Telegram channel

Forex Education

Acquiring the skills to tackle the markets on your own is the best thing you can ever do. This is why we will teach you, guide you, and help you master forex.

Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder

Forex Prodigies is a pleasure to deal with! Very helpful, not pushy, and very accommodating. I bought a 1 month membership, without doing much research and the service has been everything I wanted it to be. The signals are good and the delivery by Telegram has been bang. I'll be signing up next month.

Sara Wilsson


Really impressed with my new Forex signals membership, it ticks all the boxes! Touch wood, I’ve made profit each month since I joined and had no issues at all. It’s been a pleasure. Really happy with the service too.... I know Forex signal providers are there to make money but Forex Prodigies seems different, Garry has been so helpful and genuinely seems to care and look after you. Very genuine place.

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

I recently came across Forex Prodigies online during a lengthy search for a Forex signals service. I had a few must haves; US and European trading session, proven history, Telegram signals etc. I found a couple of FX signal providers that fitted, but Forex Prodigies in particular stood out. After speaking with Garry they were by far the most professional and knowledgeable. The customer service I have received since joining has been top notch. I am more than happy with the signals and the account management and would recommend to friends and family. Since joining the signal service I've really enjoyed everything and the signals have helped me grow my account. Overall I am super happy. Thanks guys, very pleased!

Matt Brandon


I cannot say enough about Forex Prodigies and their work. They go above and beyond, always answering your questions in a timely manner. Their team is very patient and understanding with any issues you might face, even if it's not their fault. I have been going to them for a year now and they have never let me down. They are the best.

John Larson


Simply incredible! As a beginner, the service helped me a lot in growing my portfolio. The membership was really affordable so I did not expect such high standards from them. However, not only the signals are accurate, they provide plenty of signals for me to follow and explore. Another great thing from Forex Prodigies is that they offer outstanding service. I learned a lot from the team as they always explain and answer my questions regarding the entry they make. I highly recommend this for anyone, especially beginners looking to enter the market safely.


Summary of Benefits

Everything you need to fast track your trading.

Top technical analysis

Top technical analysis

Our lead Forex trader will analyse the markets every day to identify the best possible trading opportunities

High performance

High performance

We aim to provide high performing reliable signals. Over the 24 month test period our strategy achieved over 6,500 pips.

Full expert support

Full expert support

If you need any help we will be there to support you all the way. We will do all we can to boost your trading

Direct Email and SMS* signals

Direct Email and SMS* signals

Follow our signals wherever you are. We will send signals straight to your device by email or SMS*

Highly recommended

Highly recommended

Our 5 star rated Forex signal service is highly recommended by our members and has achieved excellent expert reviews

Join a growing community of traders

Join a growing community of traders

Join Forex Prodigies and be part of a special group of traders who are passionate about Forex trading


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Our Hardworking Team

Always at your service

Garry Surkov

Chief Executive Officer

Stanislav Dean


William Anderson


Amanda Jepson



Our Powerful Trading Strategies



We also employ EA's (algorithmic trading). We have developed cutting edge robots using the current state-of-the art technology. The robots have proven to be extremely dangerous in the 24 months period which they were put to test before being commercially deployed. They still remain one of the best automated tools in our set.


Frequently Asked Questions

Check here before contacting support.

  • Are you new to trading and want to get a head start? Or, maybe you have been trading for a while but have never made a profit? If so, then this is for you. Our Forex/Crypto Account Management and Forex Signals could be exactly what you need to fast track your success. The truth is that Forex trading is hard, it requires years of experience and every trade requires detailed analysis of technical and fundamental factors. This is why only a handful of traders ever achieve their goals. But don't worry, Forex Prodigies was started with the aim of helping traders like you.

    We will do all the complex analytics for you and whenever a trade is placed on our account, a similar trade is placed on yours - at the same time we instantly send you an email, Telegram and SMS with all the important details. We include entry price, stop loss and take profit level, so you can be sure that you can follow exactly what we are doing. We want to make it easy for you to see how an experienced Forex trader tackles the markets. By following the trades of a skilled Forex trader you will be able to see exactly what it takes to conquer the Forex markets and reach your trading goals.

  • There are usually 2-7 signals per day.

  • We normally only have 1 or 2 positions open at the same time.

  • You can use any broker that you want. We do recommend a broker but you can use whichever broker that you want.

  • We usually have trades open for a few hours at a time. Sometimes they are held over night but only rarely is this for more than a day or two.

  • Yes. You provide us with your MT4 credentials so we can manage your portfolio for you.

  • Well, to get you started you need to create an MT4 (Metatrader) account - check how to create MT4 here. After that you need to navigate to this page where you will be able to send us your MT4 credentials. This is to enable our systems to enter trades on your behalf. You can review our statement on privacy policy here.

    Secondly, you need an active subscription plan. Navigate to this page and select a suitable plan and go ahead to make the payment. We currently accept Bitcoin payments only therefore, you need to purchase a few and desposit them to your account. When that is done you can now sit down and wait as we help you kill the market. Learn how to purchase Bitcoin here.


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